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    Introduction by the Chairman of the Board

    Xu Yunchu, born in 1958 in Luoyang, Wujin, Jiangsu Province, majored in business administration at Cincinnati University, is a senior manager. He has been a member of the Changzhou Political Consultative Conference, a member of the Executive Committee of Changzhou City, a president of the Changzhou Medical Devices Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Standing Committee of the Wujin Federation of Industry and Commerce and a member of the Wujin Political Consultative Conference. He was awarded the title of "Top Ten Excellent Commissioners of Changzhou" and "Excellent Charity Assistance". He is currently the chairman of Jiangsu Huayang Group Co., Ltd.

    1979-1991, General Manager of Wujin Luoyang Construction Company

    From 1993 to 2000, Wujin Huaxing Electric Machinery Factory was established to enter the motor manufacturing industry.

    From 2000 to 2008, Jiangsu Huayang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. and Huayang Investment Group were established, with five independent subsidiaries under their jurisdiction.

    In 2008, Jiangsu Delphi Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established to enter the field of big health. Chairman Xu Yunchu, who always cherishes his dream, leads his team to make progress and innovate in science and technology. With the core idea of "quality, achievement, development, innovation and building the future", he has been championing Shanghai for more than 20 years and has made the electric machinery and medical health industry prosperous.

    From 2016 to 2020, Xu Yunchu's chairman decided to combine industry with capital and create another brilliant five years. Huayang Group's plan: to make excellent micro-motors, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the health industry, and realize the IPO of enterprises, not only create wealth, but also become a respected public company.

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