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    Enterprise introduction

    Jiangsu Huayang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.was established on October 10, 1995. The enterprise mainly focuses on the production of stepper motors. Through 23 years of continuous development, the total sales value of the enterprise reaches 300 million yuan, with a profit and tax of 40 million. The number of applications in refrigeration and air conditioning has reached one third of the world's and has become the leader of the industry.

    In 2015, Huayang enterprises will accelerate the transformation and upgrading to high-tech products. With the stepper motor increasing by 15% annually, expanding the products of DC micro-pump and electronic expansion valve will enter the smart home, monitoring, automobile, refrigerator and other industries, laying the foundation for Huayang's third 10-year plan for sustainable development platform.

    Huayang enterprises take quality achievement development and innovation to build the future as the core idea. They have successively passed the certification of ISO 9001 quality system and 14000 Environmental system. The products have passed the certification of 3C, UL, VDE, SGS and CE. They have obtained more than 30 patents and Huayang famous trademarks. For more than 10 years, Huayang enterprises have been rated as 3A credit enterprises and high-tech enterprises in the city. They have been listed as key growth enterprises by the government. Through more than 20 years of establishment, the company has accumulated rich wealth and has been tested by Jiangsu Huayang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. There are currently three production bases: Changzhou Economic Development Zone, Changzhou Luoyang Jiangsu Huayang Electric Co. Ltd. Economic Development Zone and Suqian Sihong Economic Development Zone.

    Electrical machinery, accelerating transformation and upgrading, to benefit from science and technology, to challenge industry leadership for the purpose of three years to enter the capital market.

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